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Office Culture

Events, posters, shirts–2017-2019
If you’d asked a Custorian what the best part of working at Custora was, they’d likely say the culture. It was full of brilliant, funny people, and a lot of events to bring us together. The design team often helped boost this by creating collateral like posters, shirts, hats, pins, notebooks, etc.

Design Lunch

A recurring Friday lunch hosted by the design team, for everyone. Often we’d do an activity such as creating repeating patterns on paper, telephone comics, Custora club logos, or drawing out a recipe without words. Or we’d talk about a new controversial logo (the Slack update really created a roar), 90s album art, or discover our creative types.

Event Posters

Encouraging participation and non-white walls. WETIKI (Wednesday Eat Together in Kitchen Informally) is a long-standing Custora lunch tradition. Donuts is a bi-weekly matching using the Donut app on Slack, allowing Custorians who don’t normally work together to hang out. Wisdom Wednesdays allow a Custorian to share knowledge on any topic of their choosing; previous topics include tarot card reading, creating art with code, and my own Icleand film photography.

Pride 2019

Shirts inspired by the recent Command Center launch and a tie-dying event. Throughout the week the Queerstorians (Custora’s LGBTQIA+ ERG) also gave a presention on Pride history, did some trivia, hosted a nail-painting event, and put on a happy hour.

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