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You Got This

We had big, blank wall in the new office hallway and Custorathon (Custora’s bi-annual hackathon event) gave us the perfect opportunity to tackle it.

We chose “You Got This,” a commonly-used phrase around the office to motivate each other. The process of getting the letters on the wall involved measuring, mocking up the scale, tiling the letters on paper and cutting them out, then taping around the placed letters.

The mural is also part data visualization of everyone who worked there. I created a survey for each Custorian, asking about their tenure, what team they were on, what borough they lived in, where they grew up, and what lifecycle stage kept them up at night (interpretation up to you). Each person then had their own ‘pixel grouping’ where the color and placement of the pixels matched how they answered. Each person’s grouping was placed on the wall, further grouped by team (horizontally) and by tenure (vertically).

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