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Open House

Website design and development–2018

In America, a country focused on mass-production and consumerism, people tend to accumulate objects without considering why they chose to keep those objects in their lives. Consumer researcher Russell Belk and expert-organizer Marie Kondo are challenging this notion, suggesting that objects are reflections of ourselves and even impact our well-being. Artists are doing the same, photographing, drawing, sculpting, and creating performances about their objects and others’.
Open House was born out of a process of parsing through my possessions and keeping only what I find meaningful. The website compiles 498 physical objects located in my bedroom into a purely digital space, using only text and infographics as mediums for discovery. Objects fit into groups based on whether they are on display or in storage, what their category of use is (such as books, clothing, and furniture), and whether they are beautiful, practical, or both. In more detail, the object descriptions explore memories and how, when, and where the objects were acquired. In confronting everything I own, viewers of Open House are left to question interactions with their own possessions and what meanings they have developed for themselves.


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